Pay Scale/Pay & Allowances Navy Officers as per 7th CPC

1. Attractive Pay & Allowance Naval Officers: If you wish to join Navy as an Officer, Navy offers you an attractive pay scale/pay and allowances, the best in life style, Navy service is better than all other jobs and professions. As per 7th Central Pay Commission, Pay Scale and allowances entitled to an Naval officers are given in Pay Scale Table below:-

Pay Scale/Pay & Allowance Navy Officers as per 7th CPC

Naval Rank
Pay LevelBasic Pay ScaleMilitary
Service Pay
Sub Lieutenant
(Sub Lt)
Level 1056,100 to 1,77,50015,500
Level 10 B61,300 to 1,93,90015,500
Lieutenant Commander
(Lt Cdr)
Level 1169,400 to 2,07,20015, 500
Level 12A1,21,200 to 2,12,40015,500
Captain (Capt)Level 131,30,600 to 2, 15,90015,500
CommodoreLevel 13 A1,39,600 to 2,17,60015,500
Rear AdmiralLevel 14 1,44,200 to 2,18,200-
Vice Admiral HAG ScaleLevel 15 1, 82, 200 to 2,24,100-
HAG+ScaleLevel 16 2,05,400 to 2,24,400-
VCNS/Navy Cdr/ Vice Admiral (NFSG)Level 17 2,25,000/-(fixed)-
CNSLevel 18 2,50,000/-(fixed)-

2. Military Service Pay (MSP): An Officer of  Navy is entitled to get Rs 15,500/- plus DA per month as Military Service Pay (MSP) from the rank of Sub Lieutenant and above.

3. Cadet Training Stipend: An amount of Rs 56,100/- per month are paid as the stipend to the Gentlemen or Lady cadet during the entire duration of training in academies.

4. Flying Allowance Navy Officers: Army Officers serving as Army Aviators (Pilots) in Army Aviation Corps from Flying Lieutenant and above are entitled Flying Pay Allowance Rs 25,000/- per month.

5. Dearness Allowance (DA): All Navy Officers are entitled to get DA at the same rates under the same conditions as are applicable from time to time.

6.  Kit Maintenance Allowance (KMA)/Clothing Allowance: An amount of Rs 20,000/- per year is paid to Navy Officers as Kit Maintenance Allowance (KMA) or Clothing Allowance.

Field Area Allowances for Naval Officers

7.  Highly Active Field Area Allowance (HAFA): All Naval Officers posted to HAFA from Level 10 and above are eligible an amount of 16,900/- per month as HAFA Allowance.

8. Field Area Allowance (FAA): All Navy Officers Level 10 and above who are posted to FA are eligible to get Rs 10,000/- per month as Field Area Allowance.

9.  Modified Field Area Allowance (MFAA): All  Naval Officers from Level 10 and above who are posted to MFA are entitled to draw an amount of 6,300/- per month as Modified Field Area Allowance.

10.  High Altitude Allowance: All Navy Officers from Level 10 and above who are posted to area as under are entitled to get High Altitude Allowance as under:-

(a)  HAA Category    I – Rs 3,400/- per month.

(b)  HAA Category  II – Rs 5,300/- per month.

(c)  HAA Category III – Rs 25,000/- per month

11.  Siachen Glacier Allowance: All Naval Officers posted in Siachen are eligible to get Rs 42,500/- per month as Siachen Glacier Allowance.


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