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Military Spouse Preference (MSP) Program: We owe a lot of respect and gratitude to the soldiers who selflessly protect us day and night. Not only they play a big part in taking care of our safety but also their spouses equally contribute a lot in this journey. Therefore, the government passed an order in the year 2009 to provide employment to the spouses of active duty soldiers, spouses of the retired or disabled veterans or the unmarried widows and widowers of veterans. This program was especially enforced for the Indian department of Navy under the name Military Spouse Preference Program. This program is also abbreviated to MSP many a times. Spouses and also the mothers of deceased or disabled veterans can directly apply for this program under five cases and those cases are clearly described below in detail:

1. The first eligibility is for the spouses of active duty members of Military who got discharged from active duty in the armed forces and have a disability rating of 100% in their bodies as declared by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

2. The spouses of the retired members of any branch of armed force who have 100% disability since the time of their service.

3. The Military Spouse Preference is also provided to the unmarried widows or widowers of the active duty members who died in a battle or due to some accident/ disease while they were on duty. They may apply for any position feasible for a U.S. citizen in the armed services.

4. Mothers of the active duty members who got injured while on duty and are completely disabled related to the service connected injury or illness.

5. Mothers of the honorable veterans who died in a battle or war with the enemy or a campaign or expedition for which they are eligible for a campaign medal.

Another thing to consider before applying for the jobs is that the spouses and mother need to be a U.S. citizen beforehand. Afterwards, they can apply for any position available for U.S. citizens if your qualification meets the requirements of the job. Some paper documentation is necessary before applying and that includes the following:

1.  A copy of PCS orders authorizing the spouse to accompany the service member to a new duty location. PCS here means permanent change of station orders.

2.  A proof of marriage with the service member along with the proof suggesting that the service member was released due to service related 100% disability.

3.  A proof declaring the active member’s death on war or duty along with the proof of marriage. If you are claiming for the Military Spouse Preference program, you must be married to the active duty member before the date of applying for the PCS. The spouse of the active duty member must have relocated to the desired duty station mentioned in the PCS orders in advance. The spouses are then asked for their documents and resume for jobs in Navy and Marine Corps civilian employment opportunities. Numerous job opportunities are available for the spouses to apply under the military spouse appointing authority. This ensures and grants better
employment opportunities to the spouses of disabled or deceased veterans and work as new members of the civilian armed force.

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