4 Ways to Join Indian Army for Girls: Women Entry Scheme 2019 Army


Women Entry Scheme Indian Army 2019-2020: The Officer’s Training Academy (OTA) has trained more than 1200 women trainees since the day women’s participation in army came into an existence. It was in the year 1992 when women were officially made legalized to join Indian Army. Just like men, women have played an integral role in safeguarding us day and night. Women can apply in various armed services of the Indian Army after they are graduated in any stream. There is anyhow a certain eligibility criteria and age limit under which they can apply for joining Indian Army. The following are the 4 ways along with complete details for women to join Indian Army:

भारतीय सेना में महिला सिपाही भर्ती प्रोग्राम 2019-2020 Click Here

1. Graduate UPSC entry: Any women graduate who is unmarried and is between 19 to 25 years of age can apply under this category. They need to clear the written CDSE examination which is scheduled twice a year around June and November. Under this criterion, women are selected on the basis of merit list which go for officer’s training at Chennai center.

2. Graduate Non UPSC entry: 

a) NCC Special Entry: Women who have secured a ‘C’ certificate with at least B grade in it can apply for this special entry. They need to have a minimum of 50% marks in their graduation degree. The age limit is between 19-25 years of age. 4 unmarried women are selected every 6 months for training at OTA in Chennai center.

b) Judge Advocate General entry: Any women LLB graduate between 21-27 years of age can apply under this JAG entry. Unmarried women can apply with a minimum of 55% in their LLB degree. There is no requirement for them to have attended CEE. This entry also selects 4 women every 6 months for 49 weeks of training at OTA.

3. Technical entry for engineering graduates: Women who have graduated in any of the engineering courses can apply under this criterion. Generally, there is no such requirement to have attended CEE. The age limit for women to apply under technical entries is between 20-27 years of age. Only unmarried women can apply. The minimum marks required in graduation changes every year but still it is never less than 50%. There are 20 women who are selected every 6 months for further 49 weeks training at the OTA Chennai.


4. Direct entries for women: Indian Army also appoints women based on their skills. Such types of entries are not based upon any written exams or cutoffs. It totally depends upon the requirement and availability of posts in the Indian Army. Women can be appointed as Army Medical Corps, Army Education Corps and Military Nursing Service. It is important to mention that even under these entries, women are required to undergo through the  training process under any of the above mentioned entries. The selection process of officers in Indian Army is a totally unbiased decision. Indian Army doesn’t partially discriminate on the grounds of any caste, color or religion diversities. It is a post of high honor and requires dedication, discipline and most importantly, selfless love for the country. Any woman who meets any of the above mentioned criteria and pass through the SSB and medical test go straight for the training at Officer’s Training Academy, Chennai.

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Pay Scale/Pay & Allowance Army Officers as per 7th Pay Commission

Army Rank
Pay LevelBasic Pay ScaleMilitary
Service Pay
Level 1056,100 to 1,77,50015,500
Level 10 B6,13,00 to 1,93,90015,500
Major(Maj)Level 116,94,00 to 2,07,20015, 500
(Lt Col)
Level 12A1,21,200 to 2,1240015,500
Colonel &
Colonel (TS)
Level 131,30,600 to 2, 15,90015,500
Level 13 A1,39,600 to 2,17,60015,500
Major General
(Maj Gen)
Level 14 1,44,200 to 2,18,200-
Lieutenant General
(Lt Gen) HAG Scale
Level 15 1, 82, 200 to 2,24,100-
Lt Gen
Level 16 2,05,400 to 2,24,400-
VCOAS/Army Cdr/
Lt Gen(NFSG)
Level 17 2,25,000/-(fixed)-
COAS Level 18 2,50,000/-(fixed)-

2. Military Service Pay (MSP): An Officer of  Army is entitled to get Rs 15,500/- plus DA per month as Military Service Pay (MSP) from the rank of Lieutenant to Brigadier.

3. Cadet Training Stipend: An amount of Rs 56,100/- per month are paid as the stipend to the Gentlemen or Lady cadet during the entire duration of training in academies.

4. Flying Allowance Army Officers: Army Officers serving as Army Aviators (Pilots) in Army Aviation Corps from Lieutenant and above are entitled Flying Pay Allowance Rs 25,000/- per month.

5. Dearness Allowance (DA): All Army Officers are entitled to get DA at the same rates under the same conditions as are applicable from time to time.

6.  Kit Maintenance Allowance (KMA)/Clothing Allowance: An amount of Rs 20,000/- per year is paid to officers as Kit Maintenance Allowance (KMA) or Clothing Allowance.

Field Area Allowances for Army Officers

7.  Highly Active Field Area Allowance (HAFA): All Army Officers posted to HAFA from Level 10 and above are eligible an amount of 16,900/- per month as HAFA Allowance.

8. Field Area Allowance (FAA): All Army Officers Level 10 and above who are posted to FA are eligible to get Rs 10,000/- per month as Field Area Allowance.

9.  Modified Field Area Allowance (MFAA): All Army Officers from Level 10 and above who are posted to MFA are entitled to draw an amount of 6,300/- per month as Modified Field Area Allowance.

10.  High Altitude Allowance: All Army Officers from Level 10 and above who are posted to area as under are entitled to get High Altitude Allowance as under:-

(a)  HAA Category    I – Rs 3,400/- per month.

(b)  HAA Category  II – Rs 5,300/- per month.

(c)  HAA Category III – Rs 25,000/- per month

11.  Siachen Glacier Allowance: All Army Officers posted in Siachen are eligible to get Rs 42,500/- per month as Siachen Glacier Allowance.

शॉर्ट सर्विस कमीशन पुरुष एवं महिला

Military Spouse Preference (MSP) Program

IMA, NA, OTA, and  AFA in CDSE Application



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