Indian Army Soldier Selection Procedure Complete Eligibility


1.   Soldier Category Selection Procedure भारतीय सेना  : Army Selection Procesure, Indian Army Sainik Bharti Prakriya, Indian Army Soldier Bharti Eligibility, Army Soldier Physical Fitness Test, Indian Army Entrance Examination, Indian Army Age, Education, Physical, Medical, Written selection procedure for all categories of soldiers are given below:-

Army Selection Process

(a)   Indian Army Soldier General Duty and SHGD Selection Procedure Click here

(b)   Indian Army Soldier Technical Selection Procedure (All Arms)-Click here

(c)   Indian Army Soldier Technical (Aviation and Ammunition Examiner) Selection Procedure  Click here

(d)  Indian Army Soldier Clerk and Store Keeper Technical (All Arms) Selection Procedure  Click here

(e)   Indian Army Soldier Nursing Assistant Army Medical Corps Selection Procedure  Click here

(f)   Indian Army Soldier NA Technical Dresser Remount Veterinary Corps Selection Procedure   Click here

(g)   Indian Army Soldier Tradesmen categories 8th and 10th pass Selection Procedure  click here


(h)   Indian Army Education Havildar Army Education Corps Selection Procedure  Click here

(j)   Indian Army Religious Teacher JCO  (Dharm Guru ) Selection Procedure  Click here

(k)  Indian Army Havildar Aurto Cartographer in Engineers Selection Procedure  click here

(l)   Indian Army Territorial Army All category  Selection Procedure Click here

(m) Defence Security Corps Selection Procedure Click here

(n)  All India Sportsmen Selection Procedure Click here

(o)  Army Relation Bharti Selection Procedure Click here

(p)  JCO Catering Selection Procedure Click here

2.   Indian army is second largest army in the world. For smooth functioning in War and Peace  various types of trades and categories are required for recruitment for which Indian Army issued recruitment notification for recruitment of soldiers from time to time through Headquarters Recruiting Zones and Army Recruitment Offices established all over the country.

2.   Candidates/students who wish to join Indian Army as a soldier in the category of Sol GD, Sol SHGD, Sol Tech, Sol Tdn, Sol Clerk/SKT, Sol NA, Education Havildar or any other category/trade may apply as per their physical, Education eligibility Criteria as shown in the trade/category above.

3.   How to Apply:  Candidates are required to check Indian Army Recruitment Notification of their Army Recruiting Office and district for Online Application/Registration.

4.   Beware of Touts:  Recruitment process is fully automated. No one can help you in passing Physical, Medical or Written Examination. Only your hard work will ensure your selection.

Revised Syllabus for Army Entrance Exam-Click here



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