History of Jaunpur-The Grand, Glorious Story of Jaunpur for 4000 Years

Jaunpur History: The Glorious and Grand Story of Jaunpur

Mythological and Vaidic History of Jaunpur

Old history of Jaunpur: The context of the glorious and grand history of Jaunpur on the world stage, Jamdagnipuram, Devanagri, Yavanpur are synonymous names of present  Jaunpur district.

Famous, Effective, Honoured Person and Places Subject to Jaunpur History

Impressive Period & Date in History of Jaunpur Famous, Effective, Honoured Person and Places Subject to Jaunpur HistoryAchievements and Main Events in the Glorious History and glorious revolution of Jaunpur in Details
Mythological Period of JounpurJamdagnipuram, Devanagri, Yavanpur and JounpurIn the context of the glorious and grand history of Jaunpur on the world stage, Jamdagnipuram, Devanagri, Yavanpur are synonymous names of Jaunpur
Jaunpur in Vedic PeriodRishi Richik,Maharshi Jamdagni, Renuka, Parasuram, Kamdhenu (Godess),King Kartavirya ArjunJaunpur during the Vedic period, with the distinction of being the taphbhoomi (land of worship) of the Maharshi Jamdagni, its Vedic name was Jamadagnipuram which gradually changed to Jaunpur with the change of time.

Dev Nagari to JaunpurMahayagya by Lord Parshuram at Jamatha, Devnagri (Jaunpur)Devnagri to Jaunpur: According to Shiv Puran, the ancient land of the sage sages in the Vedic period, Jaunpur (Devnagri) Dev Sthali, because of its pioneer in the field of education, culture, art, was its old name Devanagari. On the basis of the evidence, the Mahayagya Jamatha conducted by Lord Parshuram was completed in Devnagri (Jaunpur). With the cycle of time which the Sharqi rulers converted from Devnagar to Yavanpur and later Jaunpur.
Yavanpur to JounpurSharki Sultan Came to India from AfricaYavanpur: Jaunpur was named as Yavanpur at the time of the Sharqi Sultanate based on the statement evidence. The Sharqi sultans came to India from Africa and the Africans were called Yavans. Due to the rule of the Yavans, the present Jaunpur was known as Yavanpur during the reign of Sharki, which has become Jaunpur due to the influence of Awadhi language.
1194 ADQutbuddin Aibak Attacked JaunpurQutubuddin Aibak invaded Zafarabad, Jaunpur (formerly Mandev or Mandeya) in 1194 AD and after defeating the then king Udayapala and handing over power to Diwanjeet Singh, Qutbuddin Aibak proceeded towards Banaras.
1359 ADFoundation of Jaunpur CityJaunpur city was founded by Feroz Shah Tughlaq in 1359 in memory of his cousin Muhammad Bin Tughlaq. Jauna Khan died in 1351 in the Thatta (Pakistan) battlefield. Muhammad Bin Tughluq's real name was Jauna Khan, hence the name of the city was named Jaunpur from Yavanpur in memory of Jauna Khan.
1393 ADJaunpur Become The CapitalJaunpur has attained the distinction of being the capital of the Sharqi rulers in medieval India in 1393 AD, which was founded by Malik Ushark.
1389 ADMahmud Shah son of FerozeshahFerozeshah's son Mahmud Shah in 1389 AD ascended the throne of Jaunpur Sultanate.
1393-1394 ADMalik Sarwar Khwaja founded the independent 'Sharqi Dynasty'The Sharqi dynasty was founded by Khwaja Jahan, who was appointed to the post of Wazir in the court of Mahmud. In 1393 AD, Sultan Mahmud, son of Feroz Tughlaq, gave the title of 'Malik-us-Sharq' (the lord of the East) to his wazir 'Khwaja Jahan' and handed over the area from Kannauj to Bihar. Malik Sarwar Khwaja founded the independent 'Sharki dynasty' in 1394 AD by taking advantage of the instability prevailing due to Timur's invasion of Delhi.
1398 ADDeath of Malik-Ul-SharkThe founder of the Sharqi dynasty, Malik-ul-Shark, died in 1398 AD, after which his adopted son Syed Murakshah was entrusted with the throne of the Jaunpur Sultanate. After Sayyid Murakshah his younger brother Ibrahimshah ascended the throne of Jaunpur. Ibrahim Shah governed the administration with great dexterity and skill. Ibrahim Shah worked with Hindus on the policy of goodwill.
1402-1440 ADThe military power of the Jaunpur SultanateMubarak Shah's younger brother Shams-Ud-Din Ibrahim established the military power of the Jaunpur Sultanate as a record of the strength of the combat forces from 1402 AD to 1440 AD.
1484-1525 ADRule of Lodhi Dynasty Jaunpur was dominated by the Lodi dynasty from 1484 to 1525 AD.
1526 ADDeath of Ibrahim Lodi In 1526 AD, Babur defeated Ibrahim Lodhi and killed in the battlefield of Panipat.
1530-1556 ADReign of Humayun To conquer Jaunpur, Babur sent his son Humayu who defeated the ruler of Jaunpur and conquered the Sultanate. Humayu's reign lasted from 1530-1556 and 1555-1556.
1556 AD Death of HumayunHumayun's son Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar ascended the throne at the age of 18 due to the death of Humayun in 1556 AD.
1567 ADDeath of Ali Quli KhanAkbar's enemy Ali Quli Khan was killed in battle in 1567 AD by Emperor Akbar hemself. Emperor Akbar came to Jaunpur and stayed here for a few days. Later Akbar went back to Delhi making Sardar Munim Khaw the ruler.
1495 ADFanatical Sultan Sikandar Lodi Important cultural heritage and other monuments during the Sharqi Sultans of District Jaunpur, synonymous with foolishness and bigotry of the Lodi Dynasty, were greatly damaged by Sultan Sikandar Lodi in 1495 AD.
1722 ADNawab Rule of AwadhJaunpur was transferred by the British to the Nawab of Awadh in 1722, after being under the Mughal Sultanate for 150 years.
1775-1788 ADJaunpur-Banaras-Resident DeknaJaunpur remained under Benares from 1775 AD to 1788 AD and later with the resident Dekna.

Ancient History of Jaunpur

Historical Places Jaunpur:  List of Important Visiting places of Jaunpur are Atala Mosque, Jama Masjid, Royal Fort, Lal Darwaja Mosque, Khalish Mukhlish Mosque, Royal bridge, Sheetla Mata Temple (Chowki Dham), Barinath Temple, Yamadagni Ashram, Rameswaram Mahadev, Gokul Ghat (Gokul Dham), Paanch shivala, Radish of Famous Jaunpur.

Brief History of Jaunpur Visiting Place and Sites 

Impressive Period & Date in History of Jaunpur Famous, Effective, Honoured Person and Places Subject to Jaunpur HistoryAchievements and Main Events in the Glorious History and glorious revolution of Jaunpur in Details
1362 ADShahi Qila Jaunpur Built By Freoze ShahSituated in the heart of the city on the left bank of the Gomti, Shahi Qila was built by Freoze Shah in 1362 A.D.
1393-1408 ADConstruction of the Famous Atala MosqueThe foundation of the historic and famous Atala Mosque of Jaunpur was laid by Ferozeshah in 1393 AD, which was completed by Ibrahim Shah in 1408 AD.
1417 ADConstruction of Khalis Mukhkhlis MosqueIn place of the ancient well-known Vijayachandra temple in Jaunpur, the Khalis Muqkhlis Mosque (or four-finger mosque) was built in 1417 AD by Amir Khalis Khan, the Subedar of Sultan Ibrahim.
1438-1442 ADConstruction of the Famous Jama MasjidIbrahim Shah started the construction of the famous Jama Masjid in Jaunpur in 1438 AD and it was completed in 1442 AD by his wife Raji Biwi.
1455 A.D.Masjid Lal Darwaza built by V.V.Raje, wife of Sultan Mahamud Shah SharkiMosque Lal Darwaza has been built by V V Raje, wife of Sultan Mahamud Shah Sharki in 1455 A.D. at Begumganj, a mile north of the Jaunpur city.
1564-1569 ADHistorical Royal Bridge Gomati River JaunpurThe construction of the Famous Sahi Bridge of the Gomti River at Jaunpur was started by Mughal Emperor Akbar in 1564 AD. This royal bridge was built in 1569 AD under the supervision of Munim Khan, the Subedar of Emperor Akbar.
1772 ADSheetla Chaukia Dham Jaunpur UPHistory: There are some legends related to this Siddhapeeth which attest to historicity. People say that the village of Sheetla Chowki named Devchandpur after Devchand Mali. It is said that Devchand's family had a devout woman named Sheetla. Her husband died at a young age. After this she became sati. Devchand started worshiping by placing a brick post and stone at the site of Sati. The incident is reported to be around 1772. Gradually this place was transformed into a Shaktipeeth.

Who were the main ruler of Sharki dynasty of Jaunpur: –

  • Malik Karanful Mubarakshah
  • Ibrahimshah Sharki
  • Mahmud Shah Sharqi
  • Muhammad Shah Sharqi
  • Hussain Shah Sharqi

Why is Jaunpur famous? Visiting places of Jaunpur.

Main famous tourist places of Jaunpur are:-

Which are historical places of Jaunpur?

  • Atala Mosque Jaunpur
  • JAMA Masjid Jaunpur
  • Royal fort Jaunpur
  • Lal Darwaja Mosque Jaunpur
  • Khalish Mukhlish Mosque Jaunpur
  • Royal bridge Jaunpur
  • Sheetla Mata Temple (Chowki Dham) Jaunpur
  • Barinath Temple Jaunpur
  • Yamadagni Ashram Jaunpur
  • Rameswaram Mahadev Jaunpur
  • Gokul Ghat (Gokul Dham) Jaunpur
  • Paanch shivala Jaunpur
  • Radish of Famous Jaunpur

Famous / period and date in the history of Jaunpur. The main events and topics of the history of Jaunpur. Achievements in the history of Jaunpur in details. List of King, Sultan and Ruler of Jaunpur district.

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