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1. About Police Bharti Medical Test: Police Recruitment Medical Test, State Police Medical Test, Central Police Bharti Medical Test, Central Police Forces Medical Examination, Para Military Forces BSF, CISF, CRPF, ITBP, Delhi Police, UT Police, Forest Guard Recruitment Medical Test/Medical Standard/Medical Examination details are given below for information of candidates who appearing in Police Recruitment Medical Examination:-

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2. Eye Sight Medical Standards

(a) Eye Sight for Forest Guard: Visual Standards required for the above selection shall be as follows:-

Eye SightRight EyeLeft Eye
Distant Vision6/66/6
Near Vision0/5

(b) Eye Sight for Delhi Police: Minimum distant vision should be 6/12 of both eyes for Delhi police constable.


(c) Eye Sight for Central Police Forces, Para Military Forces and State Police: The minimum distant vision should be 6/6 and 6/9 of two eyes without  correction i.e. without wearing of glasses for Police of other states & ASI and SI of central police organisation (CPO) by SSC.

(d) Each eye must have a full field of vision.

(e) Colour blindness, squint or any morbid condition of the eye or lids of either eye shall be deemed to be a disqualification.

(f) Candidate should possess sound health and be free from any bodily defect or infirmity which will render him unfit for the Posts notified.

3. Causes of Medical Unfit: Candidates who have the following ailments or defects will not be considered for recruitment to any Post.

(a) Physically Handicapped

(b) Knocking-Knees

(c) Pigeon Chest

(d) Flat Foot

(e) Varicose Veins

(f) Hammer Toes

(g) Fractured Limbs

(h) Decayed Teeth

(j) Stammering

(k) Hard of Hearing and Abnormal Psychological Behavior.

4. Advisory Note for Medical Test: In order to avert getting disappointed at a later stage, Candidates are advised to have themselves examined by a Civil Surgeon before applying for the examination to ensure that they meet the prescribed Physical and Medical Standards for recruitment.

5. Police Medical Procedure, State Police Medical Test, Medical of Police, Medical Standard Police Department, Paramilitary medical examination, Police Bharti Chikitsa.

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