Police Bharti Medical Test / Medical Test Central Police Recruitment

1. About Police Bharti Medical Test: Police Recruitment Medical Test, State Police Medical Test, Central Police Bharti Medical Test, Central Police Forces Medical Examination, Para Military Forces, Medical Test SSB, ITBP, BSF, CISF, CRPF, ITBP, CAPF, Delhi Police, UT Police, Forest Guard Recruitment Medical Test/Medical Standard/Medical Examination details are given below for information of candidates who appearing in Police Recruitment Medical Examination:-

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2. Eye Sight Medical Standards

(a) Eye Sight for Forest Guard: Visual Standards required for the above selection shall be as follows:-

Eye SightRight EyeLeft Eye
Distant Vision6/66/6
Near Vision0/5

(b) Eye Sight for Delhi Police: Minimum distant vision should be 6/12 of both eyes for Delhi police constable.

(c) Eye Sight for Central Police Forces, Para Military Forces and State Police: The minimum distant vision should be 6/6 and 6/9 of two eyes without  correction i.e. without wearing of glasses for Police of other states & ASI and SI of central police organisation (CPO) by SSC.

(d) Each eye must have a full field of vision.

(e) Colour blindness, squint or any morbid condition of the eye or lids of either eye shall be deemed to be a disqualification.

(f) Candidate should possess sound health and be free from any bodily defect or infirmity which will render him unfit for the Posts notified.

3. Causes of Medical Unfit: Candidates who have the following ailments or defects will not be considered for recruitment to any Post.

(a) Physically Handicapped

(b) Knocking-Knees

(c) Pigeon Chest

(d) Flat Foot

(e) Varicose Veins

(f) Hammer Toes

(g) Fractured Limbs

(h) Decayed Teeth

(j) Stammering

(k) Hard of Hearing and Abnormal Psychological Behavior.

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4. Advisory Note for Medical Test: In order to avert getting disappointed at a later stage, Candidates are advised to have themselves examined by a Civil Surgeon before applying for the examination to ensure that they meet the prescribed Physical and Medical Standards for recruitment.

5. Police Medical Procedure, State Police Medical Test, Medical of Police, Medical Standard Police Department, Paramilitary medical examination, Police Bharti Chikitsa.

Police Bharti Medical: Medical Test/ Medical Exam SSB, BSF, ITBP, CISF, Delhi Police, CAPF, Para Military Forces as under:-

Weight:- Weight of the candidate should be proportionate to height and age as per details· given below. Weight will not be a criteria for disqualification at the time of Physical Standard Test. However, the overweight/ under/ Weight candidates will be disqualified at the time of Detailed Medical Examination based on weight and age on the day of Detailed Medical Examination and the height as measured during Physical Standard Test.

Female Average Body Weights in Kilograms for Different Age Groups and Heights

in Cms
Age in years
18-2223-27 28-32 33-37
148 34.5-42.5 37-4538.5-47 39.5-48.5
150 36.5-44.5 37.5-45:5 39-48
153 38-46 39-48 41-50 42-51
155 38.5-47.5 40-49 41.5-50.543-52.5
158 40.5-49.5 42-51 43-5344.5-53.5
160 41.5-50.5 43-52.544-54 45.5-54.5
163 43-52.544-54 46-56 47-57
165 44-54 45.5-55.5 47-58 48.5-59.5
16845-55 47-57

Male Average Body Weights in Kilograms for Different Age Groups and Heights

in Cms
Age in years
18-22 23-27 28-32 33-37
156 44-5446~56 47-5848-59
158 45-55 47-57 48.5-59.5 49.5-60.5
160 46-56 47.5-58.5 49.5-60.5 50.5-61.5
162 47-58 49-60 50.5-61.5 52-63
164 48-59 50-61 52-63.5 53-65
166 49.5-60.5 51.5-62.5 53-65 54.5-66.5
168 51-62 52.5-64.5 54.5-66.5 56-68
170 52-64 54-66 56-68 57.5-70.5
172 54-66 55.5-67.5 57-70 59-72
174 55-67 57-7059-72 61-74.5
176 56.5-69 58.5-71.5 60.5-73.5 62-76
178 57.5-70.5 60-73 61.5-75.5 63.5-77.5
180 59-7261-7563.5-77.5 .65.5-80
182 61-74.5 62.5-76.5 65-79 66.5-81.5
184 63-77 64.5-78.5 66.5-81.5 68.5-83.5
186 63.5-77.5 65.5-80.5 68-83 70-86
188 65-79 67.5-82.570-85.5 71.5-87.5
190 66-81 68.5-83.5 70.5-86.5 72.5-88.5

DETAILED MEDICAL EXAMINATION (DME) CAPF:- Candidates will be put through Detailed Medical Examination strictly on the basis of merit. The Detailed Medical Examination will be conducted as per MHA Revised Medical Guidelines issued by ADO (Medical) on 20.05.2015 and amendments thereof. If sufficient numbers of candidates for the posts are available only 3 times category wise candidates higher in merit will be called for Detailed Medical Examination. Candidates who do not find place in the merit list so prepared will not be called for. Detailed Medical Examination. In this regard, no appeal/ representation will be entertained. Being declared FIT in Medical Examinations will in no way give any legal claim or right to any candidate for final
appointment in Government service. As the appointment will be strictly as per merit.

APPEAL AGAINST FINDINGS OF DME:-If a candidate is declared unfit in the detailed medical examination, the grounds for rejection will be communicated to him/ her by the Chairman. If the rejected candidate is not satisfied with the findings of the Medical Officer, he/she will obtain Form-1, 2 & 3 from the Chairman Recruitment Board concerned to prefer an appeal for Review Medical Examination within 15 days from the date of issue of
communication in which the findings of the Medical Officers is communicated to him/her. The appeal should necessarily contain the following:

(a) Review Medical Examination fee of Rs.25/- (Rupees Twenty Five only) non-refundable, through a Demand Draft payable in favour of concerned authority to be intimated by Chairman Recruitment Board

(b) Appeal Forms-1, 2 & 3 issued by Detailed Medical Board duly completed in all respect.

(c) One self addressed envelope with Rs.25/-(Rupees Twenty Five) only postage stamp duly affixed on it. Fitness certificate other than Form-3 (provided by the Chairman of Recruitment Board to the Candidate) will not be considered for Review Medical Examination and appeal will be rejected straightway.

(d) The fitness certificate on form-3 is essential to consider bis/her case for review medical examination and not for any other purpose.

(e) Those candidates whose appeals are found in order will be issued call letters to appear for Review Medical Examination and their list will also be uploaded in the website.

(f) The decision of the Review Medical Examination Board will be final and no 2nd appeal will be entertained as per instructions of the Government and. no reply of the correspondence/ 2nd appeal will be given/ entertained.

NOTE:- It should, however, be clearly understood that the Selection Board reserves absolute discretion to reject or accept any candidate after considering the report of the medical board.

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