Sepoy Pharma Syllabus Exam Pattern Question Paper 2021-2022

Indian Army Sepoy Pharma Syllabus Exam Pattern: Written Exam Syllabus/ Exam Pattern for Soldier Pharma for  recruitment in AMC, Question Paper for written exam covering  subject & topics Sepoy pharma GK GS, English, Pharmacy-I and Pharmacy-II

Subject wise question paper Sepoy pharma written exam 2021-2022

Exam Pattern Soldier Pharma

Soldier Pharma Question Paper Syllabus% of Marks
(a) General Knowledge(GK)
(b) English25%
(a) Pharmacy-I30%
(b) Pharmacy-II20%
Total 100%

 Sepoy Pharma GK, GS Syllabus 25 Question for 50 Marks

Syllabus Part I

General Knowledge Syllabus: The test will include questions relating to India and its neighboring countries especially pertaining to History, Culture, Geography and who’s who. In addition Abbreviations, Sports, Awards and Prizes, Terminology, Indian Armed Forces, Continents and Sub Continents, Inventions and Discoveries, The Constitution of India, International Organizations, Books and Authors, Knowledge of Important events that have happened in India and at world level in the recent years, Current important world events, Prominent personalities etc.

English Syllabus Sepoy Pharma 25 Questions for 50 Marks 


(a) Part of Speech:-

(i) Article

(ii) Noun and Pronoun

(iii) Adjective

(iv) Preposition

(v) Conjunction and models


(b) Tenses:-

(i) Present/past forms

(ii) Simple/continuous form

(iii) Prefect forms

(iv) future time reference


(c) Type of Sentences:-

(i) Affirmative/interrogative sentences

(ii) Use of Phrases

(iii) Direct and Indirect speech

(iv) Active and Passive Voice

4. Other Areas:-

(a) Idioms and Phrases

(b) Synonyms and antonyms

(c) One word substitution


Pharmacy I Syllabus Sepoy Pharma 30 Questions for 60 Marks 

Syllabus Part II

(a) Pharmaceutical Chemistry

(b) Bio Chemistry

(c) Human Anatomy

(d) Physical Health Education

(e) Community Pharma

Pharmacy II Syllabus Sepoy Pharma 20 Questions for 40 Marks 


(a) Pharmacology & Toxicology

(b) Pharma Jurisprudence

(c) Drugs store and inventory management

(d) Hospital and clinical pharmacy

Sepoy Pharma Written Exam Preparation Tips

Advisory: Hope candidates applying for the post of Sepoy Pharma have gone through complete syllabus and exam pattern. The most important question is how to prepare for soldier pharma written exam and which books/ study materials should choose for preparation of common entrance examination.


(a) NCERT Books/ CBSE Syllabus of 10th/ 12th standard is strongly recommended for study.

(b) Candidates are advised to study NCERT books of CBSE Syllabus of 10th standard for Part I Exam.

(c) NCERT books of CBSE Syllabus of 10th standard is recommended for study syllabus related questions of History, Civics, Geography, Political Science, General Science and English Grammer.

Part II Pharmacy

(d) Since the candidates have already studied pharmacy syllabus during the course of B. Pharma and D. Pharma, candidates are advised to study books of pharmacy syllabus of B Pharma and D Pharma for preparation of Part II (Section B)  Sepoy Pharma written Exam.

सिपाही फार्मा लिखित परीक्षा पाठ्यक्रम और प्रश्नपत्र की हिंदी में जानकारी

Sol Pharma Syllabus, Sepoy pharma subject wise question paper, Soldier pharma exam pattern and syllabus for written exam. Sepoy pharma model and sample question paper.


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