INDIAN ARMY Ranks and Recruitment Processes

The Indian Army is undoubtedly one of the best armies in the world. Even without mentioning the Indo-Pak war of 1971, the glory of the Indian Army doesn’t decrease. If our armory, strategic capability, nuclear power, military skills and the valor of our Regiments do not make us the best in the world, they don’t make us any less either.

Numerically, Indian Army is associated with eleven lakh thirty thousand active and twelve lakh reserved military personnel, making it the second largest Army in the world. This is a fully voluntary service and although the Indian Constitution has a provision of mandatory military service, it has never been implemented. The Indian Army was established immediately after the Independence of India. Most of the Regiments from the British Raj were allowed to remain unchanged.

Indian Army Ranks

Indian Army ranks and its rank system characterize among others dominance, authority, as well as jobs and duty in an army chain of importance.

The Indian Army has pursued the British Army rank system since India’s independence from the British Empire in 1947. But, the crown in the rank emblem has been supplanted with the Ashoka Lion, which symbolizes the sovereignty of the Government of India. The Indian Army’s rank system includes the standards of practicing force and exercising power, and the military hierarchy of command – the progression of commandants better than subordinates through whom command is worked out – builds a significant segment for organized collective action.

Commissioned Officers

Commissioned officers are the pioneers of the Indian Army and can command anywhere from Platoon, Battalion, Brigade, Division, Company, Corps and the Whole army.

Army officers are persistently put through various courses and assessed on merit all through their profession, for promotions and appointments. Substantive promotions up to Lieutenant Colonel or equivalent and depend on time in service while those for Colonel or more depend on selection, with advancement to Colonel additionally dependent on time served.

Field Marshal

Field marshal is a senior military position, commonly higher ranking than the general officer positions. Typically it is the highest rank in Indian Army, and when it is, scarcely few people are named to it. It is considered as a five-star rank (OF-10) in modern-day military in numerous nations. Promotion to the position of field marshal in numerous nations required exceptional military accomplishment by a general (a wartime triumph). However, the rank has additionally been utilized as a divisional command rank and furthermore as a brigade command rank. There are some different examples of the various uses of the rank include Prussia, Austria-Hungary, Germany and Sri Lanka for an exceptional achievement.

Field marshals hold their rank forever, and are viewed as serving officers until their death. In contrast to different officers, they don’t draw benefits (pensions). A field marshal gets the full pay of a general equivalent to the Chief of the Army Staff. He wears full uniform on every official event and runs an office in armed force headquarters.


Badge of general rank have national emblem over a five-pointed star all over across baton and savor. A general is a staff official who does not order soldiers but rather who plans their tasks in the field. The officers who ordinarily command units or formations that are relied upon to work independently for expanded time frames (i.e., brigades and bigger, or flotillas or squadrons of ships), are referred to differently as general officers in Indian armed force.

General-ranks commonly include (from the most senior) general, lieutenant general, major general, and brigadier general, despite the fact that there are numerous variations like division general.


Pay Scale: Rs. 37,400 – 67,100

Grade Pay: Rs. 10,000

Monthly Salary: Rs. 2, 00,000 – 2, 50,000

Lieutenant General

Badge of Lieutenant general have national emblem over the cross baton. Lieutenant general is a higher position than major general, yet lowers than general. The appearing ambiguity that a lieutenant general outranks a major general because of the derivation of the latter rank from sergeant major general, which was likewise subordinate to lieutenant general. Lieutenant generals can only be getting selected after 36 years of commissioned service and take the responsibility of a vice chief of army commanders. In certain nations (for example France and Italy), the positions of corps general or lieutenant colonel general are utilized rather than lieutenant general, trying to understand this clear anomaly – these ranks are frequently converted into English as lieutenant general.

Major General

The badge of Major General Rank has five-pointed star over cross baton. Major Generals are promoted by selection after 35 years of commissioned service.

In the seventeenth century the obligations of a major were a blend of those now performed by the major (second in command) and sergeant major, yet on the presentation of assistants the major was calmed of a great part of the routine work.

It comes from the rank of sergeant major general. The vanishing of the “sergeant” in the title clarifies the clearly confusing phenomenon whereby a lieutenant general outranks a major general while a major outranks a lieutenant.


Badge of Brigadier Rank has national emblem over three five-pointed stars in a triangular formation. Brigadier is one of higher posts that come over a colonel and below major general. Brigadier (Brig.) is a senior rank in the military. It comes at the last position in the ranking system of general officer in certain nations, typically sitting between the ranks of colonel and major general. A Brigadier rank holder can promote by selection after 25 years of his commissioned service. In certain countries, a brigadier is casually assigned as a one-star general (OF-6).

Pay Scale: Rs. 37,400 – 67,000

Grade Pay: Rs. 8,900

Monthly Salary: 1, 50, 000 – 2, 00,000


Badge of Colonel Rank has national emblem over two five-pointed stars. Colonel in the Indian Army is just like a Captain in the Indian Navy and group captain in the Indian Air Force. A Brigadier rank holder can promote by selection after 15 years of his commissioned service. Colonels might only hold the portfolio of a Lieutenant Colonel. Like different militaries, this rank is higher than Lieutenant Colonel and lower than a Brigadier. However, in some little military forces, for example, that of Monaco or the Vatican, colonel is the highest position.

MSP: Rs. 6,000

Pay Scale: Rs. 37,400 – 67,000

Grade Pay: Rs. 8,000

Monthly Salary: Rs. 1, 25,000 – 1, 50,000

Lieutenant Colonel

A Lieutenant Colonel in the Indian Army is a “Commanding Officer ” and carries a badge having national emblem over five-pointed star. The term leader itself clarifies the nature, reason and status of the rank. Lieutenant Colonel’s rank stands over the rank of Major and below the position of Colonel in the rank structure of Indian Army. A major is appointed as a Lieutenant Colonel after time-bound promotion on completion of 13 years commissioned service. Of course every one of the officers is basically commanders yet the assignment of “commanding officer” is dependably a Lieutenant Colonel.


“Major” serves as primary Staff Officer for a brigade. Badge of Major Rank has national emblem after six years of service as a commissioned officer. Major generally follow the team order in regards to personnel, calculated and operational missions.

MSP: Rs. 6,000

Pay Scale: Rs. 15,600 – 39,100

Grade Pay: Rs. 6,600

Monthly Salary: 1, 00,000 – 1, 25,000


Badge of Captain Rank has three five-pointed stars after 2 years of service as a commissioned officer. The military rank of ‘captain’ is commissioned officer position truly corresponding to the command of an organization of soldiers. The position of captain should not be mistaken for the naval rank of captain or with the UK-affected air force rank of group captain, the two of which are proportional to the army rank of colonel.

Pay Scale: Rs. 15,600 – 39,100

Grade Pay: Rs. 6,100

Monthly Salary: Rs. 90,000 – 1, 00,000


Lieutenant rank’s badge has two five-pointed stars. Lieutenant rank is the first rank given for the candidates who can complete the provided procedure of training of Indian Army.

The significance of lieutenant contrasts in various militaries yet is regularly subdivided into senior (first lieutenant) and junior (second lieutenant and third lieutenant) ranks. Lieutenant may likewise show up as a component of a title utilized in different associations with a systematized command structure. It frequently assigns somebody who is “second-in-command”, and all things considered, may go before the name of the rank straightforwardly above it.

Pay Scale: Rs. 15,600 – 39,100

Grade Pay: Rs. 5,400

Monthly Salary: 70,000-90,000

Junior Commissioned Officer

Junior Commissioned Officer is an individual in the Indian Army that is Gazetted with commanding force. Those warriors holding JCO rank get their Commission from the President of India.

During the British guideline, these officials were known as Viceroy’s Commissioned Officers (VCOs) aside from in Nepal, which was never a British province.

Consistently, a rundown of qualified Personnel in these positions is drawn up dependent on their meritorious administration and Honorary Commissions are granted on 26 January and 15 August consistently.

Subedar Major

Badge of a Subedar Major has gold national emblem with stripe. Subedar Major plays a role as the senior VCO in an Indian infantry regiment and like a right-hand man of the commanding officer. These were long-serving troopers who had been advanced through the ranks on merit and would have been matured into their forties on appointment.


Badge of a Subedar has two gold stars with stripe, the second-most highest VCO rank is Subedar, which for the most part take a sepoy at least twenty years to reach, with promotion dependent on merit. In 1914, there were seven subedars for every infantry regiment. Retirement age of Subedar is after 30 years service or at the age of 52 whichever is sooner.

Naib Subedar

To turn into a ‘Naib Subedar’ an individual should be under 24 years of service and he ought to be under 43 years old. If both these criteria are met, then he can get promotion. Therefore, who joined the army at an early age have an advantage here.

Non Commissioned Officers

Commissioned officers hold higher positions than non-commissioned officers, have increasingly legal responsibilities, are paid more, and regularly have more non-military training.


Badge of havildar has three ranks Chevrons. A havildar was considered as a senior officer in the past time, being in charge for a fort during the seasons of the Mughal Empire and later Maratha Empire.

Havildar is originated with a Persian word and signifies “person in charge”, or all the more freely “boss”. A havildar or havaldar is a position in the Indian and Pakistani militaries, identical to a sergeant. It isn’t utilized in cavalry units.

Lance Daffadar

Badge of Lance Daffadar has two rank chevrons. Non-Commissioned Officer personnel in the Indian cavalry is same as a corporal in the British Army. Retirement age of Lance Daffadar is after 24 years service or at the age of 49 whichever is sooner.

Acting lance daffadar

Acting lance daffadar is the proportionate rank to lance corporal in Pakistan, Indian and British Indian Army cavalry units, positioning beneath lance daffadar. In different units the equivalent is lance naik. Like a British lance corporal, he wears a solitary rank chevron. Retirement age of Acting lance Daffadar is after 22 years service or at the age of 48 whichever is sooner.


The most minimal enrolled rank in the Indian cavalry and comparable to a trooper in the British cavalry.


Sepoy has plain shoulder badge only, the lowest enrolled rank in the Indian infantry with its equal being a private in the British Army is Sepoy. In spite of the fact that most of Indian infantry regiments utilized the position of sepoy, 104th Wellesley’s Rifles, the Gurkha Rifles, and others utilized rifleman. Then, infantry regiments from southern India would in general utilize the rank of private. Retirement age of Sepoy is after 19 years service or at the age of 42 whichever is sooner.


Syces weren’t restricted to cavalry regiments in the Indian Army, as infantry regiments utilized syces to take care of the officials’ ponies or officer’s horses.

Indian Army: Recruitment Processes

Indian army recruitment and selection process can be quite challenging. One has to go through a number of steps in order to be a part of the Indian Army. Here is an overview of the Recruitment and Selection process for the “Officers” rank in the Indian Army.

The 10 steps for Recruitment in Indian Army:

  1. Check the eligibility criteria and requirements for the recruitment category you are applying for.
  • The minimum education relies on the position you want to apply for.
  • Commission type jobs depend on the role you want to apply for.
  1. Gather and collect all the relevant documents required for the recruitment process.
  2. You can also apply for the recruitment process online.
  3. Begin preparations for both the physical as well as written tests.
  4. Attend the initial interview or the Entrance Examination.
  5. Join the Service Selection Board at the Selection Center.
  6. Appear on the Medical Examination Board.
  7. After all these steps the merit list is published.
  8. Joining letter is than issued for the selected candidates or applicants.
  9. Next, the selected candidate has to report to the training institution on the due date.

Eligibility criteria and details:

Before applying for any post in the Indian Army it is important to go through the eligibility criteria. The eligibility details for a candidate are mentioned below.

Nationality of the candidate:

  • The citizen resident of India
  • A subject of Bhutan
  • A subject of Nepal
  • And an individual with an Indian origin who migrated from any of the following countries;
  • Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Burma, Zambia, Malawi, Vietnam, Ethiopia.

Height and Weight of the applicant:

  • For men the height is 157.5 cm, with the simultaneously related weight.
  • For women the height is 152 cm and the weight should be 43 kg at least.
  • For individuals who belong from hilly areas and North East, the height is reduced by 5 cm along with the simultaneous weight.
  • If the candidate is from Lakshadweep, the minimum height which is accepted is 2cm than less than individuals from other parts of the country.
  • Date of Birth: the age range for the applicants is 17-32 years.

Questions asked:

The questions which are generally asked while applying for the Indian Army are;

  • DOB – Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Qualifications
  • Marital Status
  • Mention if you belong from a special category like recognized tribal area.

After answering the questions above and gathering all the documents required for applying another category is generated for recruitment for which the candidate can apply. Here the candidate or the applicant can see a green box which says “apply” or a red box “application not open”. The candidate needs to select one of these options after which they can create a username and a password. The official and formal application process begins here.

These are some steps for the recruitment process in Indian Army. By following these steps one can enroll and apply for different categories in the Indian Army and serve the nation.

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