Bhatni Lalganj Pratapgarh UP Bhatni Village Pin Code 229410 & Bhatni History

Bhatni Village PIN Code 229410

Brief History Bhatni Village: The history of Bhatni Village is about 500 years old. Gram Sabha Bhatni is located at Village Bhatni, PO Bhatni, Police Station Sangramgarh, Block Development Office (Block) Rampur Sangaramgarh, Tehsil Lalganj, District Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh State. Bhatni village PIN Code is 229410.

Village Bhatni Rampur Sangramgarh Lalganj Pratpgarh Uttar Pradesh

Location of Bhatni Village:- Village Alipur & Babupur in the north, Kedaura, Birsinghpur and Mohanpur in the east,  Birbhadrapur, Makra, and Bijumau Village in the south and Churri Chauraha and Rampur village is situated in the West of Bhatni Village.

Information About Village Bhatni

Village Bhatni in Pratapgarh: Bhatni Gram Sabha is a lovely village situated in the plains of Ganga, Yamuna, Bakulahi and Sai Rivers. My village Bhatni is known as a prosperous village in the Pratapgarh district.

Pollution-Free Environment: The environment of Mare Village Bhatni has always been free from pollution. My village is free from any type of polluted environment like air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution and other polluted living conditions. The brothers and sisters living in our city have to go through many types of pollution. From an environmental point of view, the climate of Bhatni village is better than the cities.

Sanitation Campaign in the village: Under the cleanliness campaign, my village Bhatni is better than the neighbouring villages. Under the cleanliness campaign in my village people have constructed toilets themselves and government toilets are also available.

Ganga Expressway: Bhatni Gram Sabha is fortunate because India’s longest and most beautiful national highway, “Ganga Expressway” passes near the village. With the construction of the Ganga Express-way, the possibility of employment and other so many benefits has increased for the village residents of Bhatni.

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History of Bhatni Village

Village Bhatni InformationBrief Details About Bhatni Village PratapgarhVillage & District
Postal AddressLocation & Brief Village InfoBhatni Pratapgarh
VillageGram Sabha BhatniBhatni Pratapgarh
Gram PanchayatBhatniBhatni Pratapgarh
PostBhatniBhatni Pratapgarh
Post Office NameKaitholaBhatni Pratapgarh
Police Station/ThanaSangramgarhBhatni Pratapgarh
Block & SDORampur Sangramgarh Block (Located at Babhan Ki Bakhari, Dakhawapur Pratapgarh)Bhatni Pratapgarh
TehsilLalganj AjharaBhatni Pratapgarh
TalukaLalganjBhatni Pratapgarh
DistrictPratapgarhBhatni Pratapgarh
District HeadquartersPratapgarh (Awadh)Bhatni Pratapgarh
DivisionPrayagraj/ AllahabadBhatni Pratapgarh
StateUttar Pradesh (UP) 230144Bhatni Pratapgarh
Polling Station/ Polling BoothBhatniBhatni Pratapgarh
Village State CapitalLucknowBhatni Pratapgarh
Geographical situation
Latitude26.01005Bhatni Pratapgarh
Longitude 81.57745Bhatni Pratapgarh
District Headquarters Pratapgarh Bhatni Pratapgarh
Bhatni Rampur Sangaramgarh Lalganj Pratapgarh CodeBhatni Pratapgarh
PIN Code/ Zip Code/ Postal Code229410Bhatni Pratapgarh
Tehsil Code00880Bhatni Pratapgarh
State Code09Bhatni Pratapgarh
Village Census CodeNABhatni Pratapgarh
Location CodeNABhatni Pratapgarh
District STD Code05341Bhatni Pratapgarh
Vehicle Code72Bhatni Pratapgarh
LGD CodeNABhatni Pratapgarh
Village Status Gram Panchayat Bhatni Pratapgarh
Panchayat BhavanLocated in villageBhatni Pratapgarh
Panchayat OfficeAvailableBhatni Pratapgarh
Anganwadi OfficeAvailableBhatni Pratapgarh
Gram Pradhan NABhatni Pratapgarh
Rural or Urban RuralBhatni Pratapgarh
How to Reach
Nearest High Way1. Ganga Express Way 1 Km
2. Lucknow Pratapgarh High Way Via Raniganj Kaithola
3. Lucknow Prayagraj High Way via Kunda
4. Kalakankar Pratapgarh High Way
Bhatni Pratapgarh
Nearest Ralway StationKunda, Manikpur, Unchahar, Raebareli & Pratapgarh Railway StationBhatni Pratapgarh
Nearest Air PortAllahabad & LucknowBhatni Pratapgarh
Nearest Bus StandRampur Bawali, Raniganj, Lalganj, Kuna & PratapgarhBhatni Pratapgarh
Taxi StandNarayee, Rampur, Lalganj, Raniganj & KundaBhatni Pratapgarh
Auto Rickshaw & Battery RickshaAvailabe in village BhatniBhatni Pratapgarh
Hospitals Near
Nearest Tramaa CenterSalon, Lalganj AjharaBhatni Pratapgarh
Nearest AIIMS HospitalAIIMS RaebareliBhatni Pratapgarh
Nearest HospitalsLalganj, Pratapgarh, Allahabad, Kunda, Salon, NTPC Hospital Unchahar & RaebareliBhatni Pratapgarh
Near by Town & City Village Pratapgarh
Lalganj Ajhara Distance22 KmBhatni Pratapgarh
Raniganj Distance11 KmBhatni Pratapgarh
Rampur Distance12 KmBhatni Pratapgarh
Sangarmgarh Distance14 KmBhatni Pratapgarh
Salon, Raebareli20 KmBhatni Pratapgarh
Kunda Distance34 KmBhatni Pratapgarh
Pratapgarh 48 KmBhatni Pratapgarh
Lucknow130 KMBhatni Pratapgarh
Education Institute Primary School, Middle School, High School, Inter Collage, Degree Collage, Post Graduate Collage, Technical & Non Technical Educational Institutes are available with in 5 KM of village BhatniBhatni Pratapgarh
Private & Public SchoolThere are so many famous English Medium Private & Public School near by Bhatni.Bhatni Pratapgarh
Education HubLalganj Ajhara is Education Hub of the District PratapgarhBhatni Pratapgarh
Famous Education School1. Pt Nagesh Dutt School & College Lalganj.
2. Einstein Public School Lalganj.
3. Sarojani Public School Lalganj
4. & technology Lalganj,Pratapgarh
Bhatni Pratapgarh
Language Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Awadhi, Bhojpuri & UrduBhatni Pratapgarh
State LanguageHindiBhatni Pratapgarh
Type of Language Soft & Sweet Speaking LanguageBhatni Pratapgarh
Most speaking LanguageHindi, Awadhi & BhojpuriBhatni Pratapgarh
Traditional Songs & LokgeetBirha, Aalha, Sohar, Kajari, Kaharwa, Holi Geet, Savan Geet & Vivah GeetBhatni Pratapgarh
Recreational Activities,
Games & Sports Cricket, Playing Card (Taas) Kabaddi, Kusti, Volleyball, Hockey, Football, Ring ball, Hand ball, Surrah, Jhabar, Chor Sipahi, Looki Lookaiya, Chhilho & Gotti are main games & sports of Gram Bhatni. Bhatni Pratapgarh
Religious & Traditional ActivityTraditional Songs, Lok Geet, Bhojpuri/ Avadhi Local Songs Ram Lila, Krishna Lila, History, Story, Kissa Kahani are main religious/ traditional/story of Pure Bhatni Gaon.Bhatni Pratapgarh
Famous Dance Nautanki, Ahiroua Nach, Pasiyau Nach, Chamarau Nach, Dhobiau Dance, Kohar NachBhatni Pratapgarh
Pooja/ WorshipNav Durga Puja, Kuldevi/ Kuldevata Puja & Raja Bali PujaBhatni Pratapgarh
Historical Places BhatniChunouta Enara (Mudkatti Mayee Kunwan) HataBhatni Pratapgarh
Nearest Holi RiverGanga, 20 Km, Sayee Nadi 10 KmBhatni Pratapgarh
History NABhatni Pratapgarh
Religious/Dharmik Sthal Siddheshwar Dham Shiv Mandir & Sani Mandir Hata, Old Shiv Mandir & Hanuman Mandir Hanumanpur, Shiv Mandir Chhattu, Kali Mandir Karmain, Durga Mandir Bhatni, Bhatni Pratapgarh
Famous DhamBhakti Dham Mangarh, Ghusmeshwar Nath Dham Ghuisarnath LalganjBhatni Pratapgarh
Ist Gram Pradhan Not availableBhatni Pratapgarh
2nd Gram Pradhan/ Mukhiya Not availableBhatni Pratapgarh

Questions and answers about Bhatni Gram Sabha

What is the postal code of Bhatni village?
The zip code of Bhatni is 229410.

What is the post office of Bhatni village?
The post office of Bhatni village is Bhatni Bazar.

What is the Gram Panchayat of Bhatni Village?
Bhatni is the gram panchayat of Bhatni village.

Bhatni village falls under which police station?
Bhatni village comes under Sangramgarh police station.

What is the history of Bhatni village?
The history of Bhatni village is 500 years old.

Where is Bhatni village in Pratapgarh District? What is the location of Bhatni Village? What is the postal address of Bhatni Village?
Bhatni village location is post Bhatani Tehsil Lalganj district Pratapgarh Uttar Pradesh Pin Code 229410.

Bhatni village falls in which district?
Bhatni village comes under the Pratapgarh district.

What is the population of Bhatni Gaon?
The census of Bhatni village has not been conducted since 2011.

What is the occupation of the people of Bhatni village?
Agriculture is the main occupation of the people of Bhatni village.

What are the qualities of the people of Bhatni village?
The people of Bhatni village are soft-spoken, gentlemanly, sincere and honest.

Who is the family goddess and family deity of Bhatni village?
The people of Bhatni village worship Nava Durga as the family goddess and Kaal Bhairav ​​as the family deity.

What is the location of Bhatni Gram Sabha?
The location of Bhatni Gram Sabha is near Chhuri Chouraha Pratapgarh district.

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